Venus World Class is a sound system from the town of Luton, England.

The Venus legacy began in the late 1970’s/ early 1980’s. Since then and until the present day Venus have specialised in playing reggae music to a high st

andard in the form of specials/dubplates.

Venus has a unique style of juggling and clashing which has captivated crowds and inspired the appreciation of reggae music, which is still loved all over the world.

1984 was the year of their first official booking for Venus as a sound, booked to pla y down in Kenilworth Road, near the football ground. The dance was a huge s uccess and paved the way for many house parties and blues throughout the 1980’s.

1988 – the Akee Tree was one of many venues Venus played in that decade.

In 1989 a big clash with Systematic was remembered by many and marked the end of the 80’s.

Venus continued to build their specials/dubplates and pre release collection to battle many sounds throughout the 1990’s.

Music fans say the 90’s was the pinnacle time for artists and sounds who were in their prime …. a good example was in 1992, at Luton Carnival –  Venus were playing. Alongside them were Turningpoint sound and Love injection , who were coming onto Venus World Class’s sound to showcase their specials/dubplates.

1993 a clash with Black Cobra sound would test Venus to their limits. Following a clash in 1994 with Upper Class it was decided by the sound that more trips to Jamaica were necessary to compete at a higher level.

1995 – a new way of clashing had emerged – it became more of a battle style with an MC alongside a DJ rather than singing/ talking lyrics alongside a selector. This same year saw the start of many clashes in the legendary “Five O Club” with Venus and Sovereign roadshow.


During the late 90’s Venus had many battles with other sound systems.

2000 – The Millennium saw Venus take a residency at Club LA’s in Luton, which was the premier place for reggae and dancehall music.

The most iconic night of that time was in 2002 …… Venus v Coxsone. Venus had been written off as

having no hope against the mighty Coxsone from London. People from all over the UK came to see Coxsone and the club was at full capacity. Unbe-known to Coxsone Venus had just returned from Jamaica. It was David v Goliath contest with Venus being seen as a small sound versus a huge sound

. But it was an overwhelming win and Venus were the shock victors !

2003 and 2004 saw Venus enter the UK Cup Clash and in 2005 the Anglia Cup Clash.

Throughout Venus’s musical journey they have caused upsets a

nd made people and audiences question who are Venus World Class.

2014 Venus entered the Topper Top Cup Clash . They then went on to clash the mighty King Tubbys.

Venus are still active in many ways ….. they have a sound site at Luton Carnival to this day , holding onto the grassroots of the art of sound culture and reggae. Venus has a vast back catalogue of music and are right up to date with the new and emerging legends of our present musical generation. Venus are eve

n stronger now with a wealth of music, knowledge and just their pure love of reggae.