“Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life.” ― Bob Marley

“Peace is a day-to-day problem, the product of a multitude of events and judgments. Peace is not an ‘is’, it is a ‘becoming’.” – Haile Selassie I

One Love Stone Circle daily ceremony

With our very own Stone Circle this year where Nyahbingi Drum Ceremonys are held each Sunrise and Sunset welcoming in the New Blessed Day – One Love Festival 2018 a spirit of Jamaica a natural mystic Blowing through the air – www.onelovefestival.co.uk – where A Better World is possible



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The Greatest Living Afro Caribbean Poet Benjamin Zephaniah – writes a Poem for One Love Festival

We are honoured The Greatest Living Afro Caribbean Poet Benjamin Zephaniah who is performing with his Revolutionary Minds Band at this years Festival – wrote a very special poem for us called ‘Loved Up’ …

We dance to mighty words,
We speak to righteous riddims,
We dub it hard.
We get up united,
We stand up undivided,
Like lions in zion
We are fearless wise eyes.
We are peacemaking rockers,
Dancing on grass
Loving under trees,
As creation intended.
How we love sky,
How we love each other,
Drum love
Bass love,
The vibes, the vibes
How sweet thou art.
And so, we who are gathered here
Skanking top ranking under European skies,
Know that we who have gathered here
Are joined up riddimwise.
Let our minds and bodies be free
And let us be moved by our unity.
This is the dread magic operating,
This is the One Love happening.
Benjamin Zephaniah ©

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Strummerville Field Area,


Joe Strummer  – Charity Foundation will be hosting a field this year – Relive the Vibes of the Famous Glastonbury Festival Area

2018 presentation includes:

Live music stage
Special Guests
Merchandise / Charity Stalls
Joes Camp Fire
Chill Out Area\
The Clash and its Reggae Connection:

When The Clash were recording their debut album in February 1977, they were asked to come up with an extra track. As big reggae fans, their answer was to cover Police & Thieves, a contemporary club hit by Jamaican singer Junior Murvin. The Clash gave the song their own edgy rock makeover, a move that kick-started Punk’s lasting connection with militant black music, and opened up the band’s music to a strong reggae influence.

Bob Marley, Joe Strummer and the Punky Reggae Party

Marley’s single Punk Reggae Party put a name to an underground phenomenon – the coming together of the Punks and the Rastas at the height of 70s social unrest. That era may be over, but the Punky reggae spirit still lives and breathes with Strummerville at Glastonbury Festival and now One Love Festival

Originally a Scratch production sung by Junior Murvin, the track’s cynical realism had helped it become a Punk anthem. At first listen, Bob and Scratch were startled by Joe Strummer’s harsh bark, compared to Murvin’s mellifluous falsetto. “It is different, but me like ’ow ’im feel it,” was Marley’s verdict, though. He liked the link between the two tribes of alienated,  youth – Punks and Rastafari. “Punks are outcasts from society. So are the Rastas. So they are bound to defend what we defend,” Marley concluded. Shortly thereafter,  named an underground social phenomenon

Joe Strummer Foundation Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide opportunities to musicians and support to projects around the world that create empowerment through music.

One Love is the only Way of Life 

One Love is the only way of life – www.onelovefestival.co.uk – come join us in celebrating our 10th yr anniversary mid price tickets still available

The Sound Track of your lives 

Roots, Rock, Reggae, Ska  – limited Early Bird Tickets available – www.onelovefestival.co.uk

Light Up the Darkness 

“Truth is the light, so you never give up the fight”

One Love Festival represents in Mumbai 

One Love Festival representing internationally in Mumbai this Friday 20th at Antisocial – come join us if you can – 


Jah Sun Shining

In the summertime she’s there One Love, her love shines through like sunshine – 


Yes my People

These are the Days of Purpose – 


Who knows it feels it 

Born with the Rhythm within – www.onelovefestival.co.uk

Teach me your One Love

Dancing to the Rhythm of the Drum and Bass Line – www.onelovefestival.co.uk

Rising Sun

When Peace and Love Rules the Day – www.onelovefestival.co.uk
#oneworld #onelove #risingsun

Lets Rise

‪Love is the only thing we have to share – www.onelovefestival.co.uk
‪#onelove #peacenlove #shinessobright #LetsRise‬

Labour of love gift from above

Who Feels it Knows it – www.onelovefestival.co.uk
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To cool our very souls

Let the Cultural vibes flow – www.onelovefestival.co.uk

#worldmusic #worldsound #consciousmusic

Universal Family

One Love is the only way – www.onelovefestival.co.uk

#love #unity #peace #onesound #oneworld

Live Up Now 

We all should Unite, we all Would see the Light – www.onelovefestival.co.uk
#LiveUp, #LiveUpNow #NeverGiveUp

Come Together, in Unity and Love


£99 Weekend Super Early Bird Tickets on Sale now –


Universal Family

All we want to see is all the People of this World living together in Peace, Unity and One Love – www.onelovefestival.co.uk #inourlifetime #peace #vibes #Unity #reggae #onelove #memories


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Saxon Sound meets Stone Love