Cause Every Day This Love Gets Stronger

15th – 17th August
Stockwell Farm, Leighton Buzzard


via One Love Festival.

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  1. Thelma
    Thelma says:

    Ummh! My main concern now is the toilet and shower facilities, especially toilets for general use. Will there be a dedicated team/person to enure sufficient toilet paper, that the toilets and toilet areas are kept clean and sanitizer topped up?

    Pay toilet/shower facilities – why do we have to pay? I did not see the sense of having a cut off point that you cannot have access after 1am?

    I drove home everyday from Dagenham but the journey will not be as easy next year so to do, thus it is in my interest to reduce my distress re toilet facilities.

    Consider Seniors and even Elders too. We may be getting on but we still want to feel comfortable in attending these events.


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