Early Bird Tickets – Deposit Scheme and Group Deal bookings now open

One Love Ticket DEPOSIT SCHEME: Due to popular demand we have introduced a ticket deposit scheme to help spread the costs throughout the year:

Initial payment – Charged immediately upon booking – 10% per ticket plus booking fee

1st payment – 31st October

2nd payment – 30th November

Final payment – 31st December



One Love GROUP Bookings – Set up a group buy 4 tickets after which a 5th complimentary e-ticket confirmation will be emailed to the person that set up the group.

1. Enter your contact information in the appropriate fields to create your unique group ticket link.

2. Get the unique group link from your e-mail.

3. Send the link to your friends to purchase their tickets through this link. You can either purchase your tickets individually, or all in one purchase. As soon as 4 tickets have been purchased via this link, a 5th free ticket will automatically be sent to the person who created the group.