Questions and Answers

Q. When does the festival arena open / close?
A. The festival arena gates open at 12pm on Friday and closes 11pm on Sunday.

Q. When can I camp?
A. Campsite on  30th August from 2pm and leave on Monday 3rd September 11am

Q. How much are tickets?
A.  Further info: here

Q. With day tickets when should I arrive at the festival and when am I expected to leave?
A. Arrival and finishing times are as follows: Friday 1pm – 2.30am, Saturday 11am – 2:30am and Sunday 11am – 11pm.

Q. If I am camping for only one night of the festival when am I expected to leave?
A. We ask day campers to leave by 11am the following morning. You will not be allowed re-entry back into the campsite once you have left.

Q. I will be 17 at the time of the festival, do I need an 21yr year old to accompany me?

A.  Yes – 16 or 17 yr olds are not allowed to attend the festival unaccompanied.

All ticket holders will receive an email confirming their ticket and stating the terms & conditions of purchasing a ticket. One of the T&Cs states “Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult over 21 years of age.”

If an under 18 year old shows up with a ticket but no accompanying adult of appropriate age, they will be turned away (see below)

Any Adult attending with a teenager must be at least 21 years of age and will need to prove this on entry. Festival terms & conditions also limit the number of youth tickets purchasable with an adult ticket to 2 and ensure that no adult may enter the site with more than 4 minors in their care of any age.

Though ticket purchasers can buy a ticket for an Under-18 without having first bought an adult ticket, the Under-18 cannot enter site without an adult guardian present. Anybody purchasing a sole child ticket are required to email us and provide the name and contact details of an appropriate adult who will act as their guardian onsite through the event.

Q. Where do we dispose of rubbish on site?
A. We are committed to recycling the waste produced at the festival. Please respect our recycling policy by disposing of your waste responsibly in the relevant bins or take it home with you. There will be plenty of recycling points around the festival

Q. Do mobile phones work on the festival site?
A. Yes

Q. Will there be a family camping area?
A. Yes, you will be directed to the quiet camping area on request when you arrive.

Q. Can I bring my dog?
A. N0 please leave pets at home – (assistance dogs are welcomed)

Q. What happens to lost kids/adults?
A. Stewards will be on hand to direct your loved one(s) to the site office.

Q. Can we bring food and drink?
A. You will be able to bring your own food and drink However, Glass Containers will not be allowed into the Festival

Own Alcohol is restricted to consumption in campsite only – 1 bottle of sprit or wine (plastic bottles), 8 cans of beer (8 Cans) – small quantity of alcohol restricted for person use only
No alcohol is to be allowed to be brought into main festival arena where the entertainment is  – as their are bars providing this for you already.

Q. Will there be a vegetarian caterer on site?
A. Yes, Ital and organic food will be available too.

Q. Can we have fires/barbecues in the camp site?
A. No open fires will be permitted accept in the are community BBQ area. In addition there are manned fire pits at Rasta Village Strummerville areas to keep you warm during the day and night during Festival hours

Q. Do we have to pay to park?
A. Yes £10 for duration of stay paid for on arrival

Q. Can we bring our Camper Van  / Live in vehicle?
A. There is a Live in Vehicle area – for Caravans, Camper Vans, Trailer Tents etc., there is no electricity hook ups. Tickets are limited and paid £50 in advance