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Festival Kidz – for festival going families with kids

by Romany, February 28th 2012

Website: www.onelovefestival.co.uk

One Love Festival was created 5 years ago in homage to one of the world’s greatest ever rock gigs, Bob Marley’s famous 1978 One Love concert.  One Love Festival is now the UK’s No1 Reggae and Dub camping event, gaining a loyal fan base and interest from all over the world.

What about the kids?

The Hop Farm Family Park is a brand new Festival Site for One Love 2012 and it is ideal for festival-goers with families. Attractions such as ‘Yesterday, ‘The Hop Story Museum’, ‘Wax Museum’, ‘Enchanted Kingdom’ children’s play area, ‘Children’s Driving School’, ‘Magic Factory’- a fun house, ‘Petting farm’, ‘Victorian carousel’ and ‘maze’ to entertain the Children!!

Festival Producer, Dan Wiltshire, commented:

“We are very excited about finding a true green field festival site back in the South East of England near where we first put the event on. Throughout the last 5yrs we had some amazing One Love Festival Highlights and they keep on getting better and better. The festival means such a lot to so many people in such different ways – we know everyone leaves the event experiencing their own exceptional One Love Festival moment and memory. We have established a wonderful customer base of Fun, Loving, Happy and loyal Reggae and Dub Fans from all over Europe and beyond!!

Each year the festival grows organically both in production, vision and in Reggae Fans and this years move is to sustain this growth for future years  – but still keeping to the original vibe of a intimate fun and friendly event. We have now established a platform on the Reggae and Dub artist touring circuit and when you attend One Love Festival you see familiar faces from resident artists that support us year in year out alongside guest / touring artists that you grew up listening to side by side with up and coming exciting new acts. All paying homage to our philosophy of One Love and to foundation Reggae Music. Playing Conscience Roots, Dub Music and enjoying all the sub genres of that.  One Love =  a unity, a bond  between the brother man and women.  A common purpose regardless of religion / race or creed – “PEACE and LOVE” to all of mankind.

When you experience One Love it is something to be remembered forever.”

One Love Festival is a melting pot; a multi-cultural, multi-ethical, free trade and environmentally-friendly event, buzzing with creativity, fun, ideas and soul.  One of the most diverse and unique festivals in the UK, the One Love Festival offers something for everyone and is an experience that should not be missed.

Bringing together all the facilities and allures of a large-scale event but with the personal touch of a small, independent occasion, it will be a weekend that won’t easily be forgotten.

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