We’re excited to announce For the Love of Leyte, a non profit festival in Leyte, Philippines. We’re working with The Philippines Foundation and Ginsiyaman Festival to use the mass gathering of music to increase the economic growth and accessibility within the creative industries of rural Philippines. We are gathering both international and local musicians side by side with creatives and artists to share crafts,initiatives and skills all to the beat of our festival soundtrack.

The Philippines Foundation in partnership with Ginsiyaman (PH) & One Love Festival (UK) presents: For the Love of Leyte


Leyte, an island located in the Philippines will bring to it’s shores their largest international gathering to celebrate:

& Livelihoods, all to the beat of Roots, Rock Reggae.

For the Love of Leyte is a movement that will bring to light the talent of the region and encourage people to travel to and throughout the island. We aim to create an immersive weekend full of music and arts whilst using the mass gathering as a catalyst to increase livelihoods and accessibility within the creative industry of Leyte.


For the Love of Leyte is a celebration of creative talent in the region. — A hat’s off tribute to the community’s strength and resilience post-typhoon.  In the face of that adversity, there was their rebirth.

In November 2013, Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) hit the island and destroyed 70-80% of the structures in its path . Up to 620,000 people were displaced across the region.

We will use music as a catalyst to increase social and economic growth amongst all areas, this approach helps to sustain the community in different ways, notably:

By having the local population supply all goods and services and by instigating the creation of the ARTS Co-op for the promotion of local economy in the office and using technology to connect artisans to a global marketplace.

By reviving and incorporating traditional performances, e.g. oral traditions, weaving mats & baskets, music and traditional dance.

By providing support to training and development of careers in the arts in an established cultural centre.

Through the development, cleaning and reforestation of Leyte. The Philippines Foundation will help establish an education platform for recycling.