Timeline Photos Counting down to the bank holiday weekend, and getting ready to dance to some tunes. Are you?


#OneLoveFestival #Reggae #BankHoliday
#BankHolidayWeekend #Holiday #Dancing #ReggaeVibes
Timeline Photos Feeling excited there's Only 100 days left until One Love Festival weekend of Reggae and Ska bliss - Early Bird Tickets ends this week guys - further info www.onelovefestival.co.uk
Timeline Photos Free event come join us in celebration
The Albion Looking forward to welcoming Rob Catto and Hotsteppas to Saturdays One Love Festival promo night in Hastings xx
Warm up for One Love Festival this weekend with the first of our Summer Sessions! We'll be bringing you a cracking line-up ...
Timeline Photos Peace and Love
Timeline Photos Midnight is the deadline today - there's still time to register xx
Timeline Photos Hope you Have a Blessed Day - www.onelovefestival.co.uk
Timeline Photos With a heavy heart - Frankie "Dancehall" Paul has sadly died - he was fantastic singer / songwriter and we were blessed for him to perform at our 2012 event - RIP Frankie Paul 🙁 your music will live on forever
Timeline Photos Our Early Bird tickets are nearly all Sold Out and will go up in Price Next Week to Mid Price Tickets - www.onelovefestival.co.uk
Timeline Photos One Love Festival the sound track of you lives - limited Early Bird Tickets available - www.onelovefestival.co.uk
Macka B Macka B Wednesday message to the people
What Me Eat Wednesday

Baobab is an ancient tree
Baobab B-a-o-b-a-b
Baobab essential in my smoothie
You've never heard of it listen Macka B
The tree of life that is how ...
https://onelovefestival.co.uk/ by XCell Aerial Surveys - 3D model Our Venue at Colebrook Lakes has quite a Vibe to it - as soon as I saw it I instinctively knew this is what I been searching for all this time - in my wildest dreams I never hoped to ...
Steel Pulse Over 15 million people – primarily the under 25s, the economically dispossessed and homeless didn’t vote in the last election - which outnumbered the supporters of every single party in 2015.

Full Day by Day Line Up now Live, Limited Discounts still available, Love Food and... Full Day by Day Line Up now Live, Limited Discounts still available, Love Food and Drink at One Love
We did a 10th year survey asking you our customers for input and we were overwhelmed with the response. The results ...
Macka B Macka B Wednesday Message to the people
What Me Eat Wednesday

Broccoli made Headline News this week:


Big news this week did you see
Headline news all about broccoli
The same broccoli that is here with me
Day by Day lineup Our full breakdown of day by day artist line up is now live - with more exciting acts to be announced - Early Bird Tickets still available secure yours now

Visit the post for more.
Channel 4 News Greed is a addiction, the Powerful just want more Power - we live in a society that reveres excess even to the detriment of the masses - People are suffering at the hands of the Greedy - Register to vote ...
Summer Sessions ft: Raggo Zulu Rebel + The Bobonboboffs Band Keeping to the Live Band Summer Sessions vibe One Love pulls another Huge Free Day of Live Music for Hastings out of the bag from two really exceptional Bands -be pre-warned this event will be a complete Road block come ...
Summer Sessions Presents Peter D Rose from Smith and Mighty Looking forward to bringing back Peter D Rose from Smith and Mighty to Hastings where last time he received a fantastic responce - this night going to be Electric with later license and huge dance floor - its going to ...
Summer Session with: John Blood & The Highly + The Petty Thieves We are very excited to announce for our Summer Sessions by the Sea we present a day of Live Music from two Fantastic Bands for this all day free Reggae and Ska Session -

8th July

John Blood & the ...
Summer Sessions ft Hotsteppas Band As part of our Summer Sessions season by the Sea we are delighted to announce the next edition a Bank Holiday weekend extravganza at the wonderful The Albion venue in Hastings mixing live bands and DJ's - this is a ...
Timeline Photos “Truth is the light, so you never give up the fight"

Sun i Tafari - I ah Forward (Official Music Video) Looking forward to Sun I Tafari at One Love - check his latest track out

Sun i Tafari - I ah Forward (Official Music Video) on the phobic riddim for L'Mint Productions Directed by likkle minty, available on digital ...
Photos from One Love Festival's post Early Bird Tickets are now available to UKs biggest Reggae and Ska Festival - celebrate our special 10th year anniversary www.onelovefestival.co.uk
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Photos from One Love Festival's post Reggae Music has always been the Rebels Music, the Sufferers Music, the Music for the Oppressed - its Music for Freedom, for Rights, for Equality and Justice, Reggae is the People Music the Voice for the Voiceless its the collective ...
Timeline Photos Of Course Ital, Vegan, Vegetarian diets are well catered for at One Love Festival via traditional Jamaican food outlet's and venders - pictured is cucumber salad, lentils, the "yurger," black rice mixed with red, white and dark quinoa grain, and ...
Timeline Photos BBQ Sweetcorn - www.onelovefestival.co.uk
Timeline Photos Time for a Pattie 🙂 www.onelovefestival.co.uk
Timeline Photos DON'T FORGET TO VOTE LABOUR TODAY - We usually stay away from Politics believing everyone is entitled to there own political views and way of life as long doesn't harm anyone else - but it is harming others the foundation ...

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