Land of Love

Come lets go to the land of love – where the love light shines so bright –

via One Love Festival.

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  1. Robbie
    Robbie says:

    my third year now your team do a great job I was disappointed this weekend two things one you have no control off which we never had in 2012 0r 2011 weather in the evening was bitter fri and sat I really wanted to see U-roy again but the weather put me off because even though you have tents their for people to listen to music what happened caused so many people to run into the tents it was jammed at times and very uncomfortable this could be a problem in the future also please put an extra food store on instead of two major Jamaican food outlets we lined up for 45 mins on Saturday at the Caribbean hut only to get their at front to be told no rice or foods where ready no longer than 5 mins wait which was 1 hr 20 mins wait in total we never got our food none of the family only dumplings that was the last straw we all went home the first problem you cannot control but maybe bigger tents are required just in case it happens again for crowd control and comfort my children where frightened and the food outlets you need another one music vibes excellent like every year and we want to go next year hopefully you will see the positive words here not negative well done regards Robbie and family


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