One Love Still is Reggae very much so

One Love will always be deep rooted in Reggae Music – with headliners Reggae / Dub / Ska – a Reggae Marquee, Rasta Village, stalls and Jerk caterers the same – we still the same One Love we were over last 14yrs – we just introducing electronic music element to it but the music still has influence with Reggae the bands we introducing will always be positive influence, conscious music and with a Punk element – FYI in 2008 our Lively Up Yourself marquee was electronic music – we just want broaden the One Love out further afield as One Love means a lots to many people and all are welcome at ONE LOVE FESTIVAL – I hope that explains a little on our divergence in line up – don’t worry we STILL LOVE REGGAE MUSIC – We still LOVE YOU forever ONE LOVE a Universal Love 💯❤️💛💚