Rasta Village

Building on the great success of 2018 Rasta Village at the One Love Festival. We are looking at expanding & repeating the whole experience for 2020.

With the attendance of the host IQulah Rastafari & the Giddeon family. IQulah is the president of the Ethiopian World Federation – Charter 17 in his home of St. Ann, Jamaica. Where IQulah has been an international Chaplain for over 5 years.

During the festival there will be educational talks by EWF & the Rastafari Andahnet Centre, from St. Ann, Jamaica. Of which was set up by IQulah in the 1990’s for the whole Rastafarian community. The Andahnet centre is an amazing place which helps the development of new & existing skills. Giving the youth the greater opportunity to gain employment.

We will providing Workshops on the following
Ital cooking- the use of vegetables, herbs & spices used in Rastafarian cooking.

A Herb library for the medical uses on-site

Crochet of Tam hats workshop

Yoga sessions

Meditation space

Ital food stall

We will be having a huge opening celebration with a Blessing of the altar & a traditional Nyahbingi drumming ceremony.

We also have our resident One Love Festival Artist Ras Bunny King, decorating the whole Rasta village. With his unique painting style filling place with Rastafarian education & Reggae iconic artwork.
Check his work on
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Bunny.King.aerosolik/

Instagram @aerosolik