Whilst we remain cautious regarding hosting a One Love Festival in this current climate since Boris positive announcement for July 19th reopening up of society we have good news: 
One Love Festival have teamed up with Good Vibration Society over weekend of 6th – 8th August at Pippingford Estate 45mins from Hop Farm
All 2020 Rolled Over tickets are valid please email dan@onelovefestival.co.uk to rollover your tickets for this event 

When will we be back together?

One Love Festival 2021 Statement:

Whilst our music event contemporaries are cautiously optimistic about the de-restrictions announced for July, we do not yet feel it’s the right environment at the moment, to commit to hosting a major International outdoor music event. There will be no One Love Festival 2021 all tickets will be rolled over to 2022

None of our One Love team are virus experts, we are like you, just music fans, however we cannot ignore the very serious position we are in globally; a Worldwide Pandemic with new variants, we are being told, is spreading and our current knowledge is, even after the Covid vaccination, you can still catch and transmit the virus or one of its many variants

We are not happy to be in a position where we could be forced, as a licensing condition, to be undertaking Covid Passports, Covid testing, mandating masks and policing social distancing as entry requirements, we can not and will not discriminate on entry this is not in the inclusive and relaxed spirit of One Love

We also recognise that we are quite unique from other music events, in that the vast majority of our headline / artists will need to fly here from overseas and importantly, many are telling us they will not be able have the required Covid vaccine on cultural and/or religious grounds alongside Visas not being issued and majority international flights being grounded

Without Government backed Cancellation Insurance, similar to music events being proposed in Germany, we could not financially survive another forced closure and is not fair to put customers through that again. With Public Services already at breaking point, under funded and stretched to there limits we also very conscious of how major outdoor events going to have impacts on these

We are therefore keeping an open eye on the situation as it unfolds, in the hope that travel restrictions, vaccinations/Covid passports will not be required and that visitor quarantines at either end of a performing artist’s journey will not apply for One Love 2022

Help us through the Covid 19 crisis, for a small independent festival missing a year is catastrophic and we need your help to get through