Shortlisted for “London Festival of the Year 2013” pls vote

One Love Festival has been Shortlisted for “London Festival of the Year 2013” in this years London Lifestyle Awards, please do take a minute and Vote for Us / Yourselves – Appreciate the Support – share the love xx

via One Love Festival.

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  1. Robbie
    Robbie says:

    without a doubt one love is the best thing we have to relive history of Jamaican culture and music which plays a big part in today’s music at 53 years of age i have lived through it since the early seventies it brings happiness to me my family and others i have meet over the last 3 years vote one love and its team for bringing the everyone of any race and creed in harmony and please remember the most important message out of this no colour barriers and a spiritual enlightenment that is missing in this world one love Jah bless Robbie


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