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One Love Festival

One Love Festival.

We are over the moon to announce A Spectacular TWO Sound System Collaboration all dayer of historic proportions:



Car Sharing to One Love

One Love Festival.

Why not consider car sharing to the One Love Festival this year?

With the average 100 mile car journey leading to over 20 kg of CO2 being produced, goCarShare has the potential to reduce the festival’s carbon footprint considerably.
It’s a great way to save money if you are driving and, as it is built around Facebook, you can see if your friends are going, find like-minded people to travel with, and check people out before agreeing to share.

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One Love Festival – Valentines messages

One Love Festival. Happy Valentines – its a good day to express your “One Love” – we know of many people falling in love at our festival not just with the event but with each other – So if you fancy anyone who attends One Love Festival and you want to let them know – please feel free to leave messages here – we be happy to forward them on 🙂 we Love you all xxx

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Rock Kent | Kent's Premiere Gig Review Site. » ONE LOVE FESTIVAL 2012

Rock Kent | Kent’s Premiere Gig Review Site. » ONE LOVE FESTIVAL 2012.

10th – 12th August 2012
The UK’s No1 Reggae Dub Camping Festival

Hop Farm – Paddock Woods – TN12 6PY
One Love Festival – 10th – 12th August –

Falling on Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary of independence year. We are very pleased to celebrate the announcement of a Brand New Festival Site for 2012 and Beyond – the Hop Farm Family Park is established are a festival favourite for famous events such as The Hop Farm Music Festival and The War and Peace Shows – with family attractions such as ‘Yesterday, ‘The Hop Story Museum’ and ‘Wax Museum’, ‘Enchanted Kingdom’ children’s play area, ‘Children’s Driving School’, ‘Magic Factory’- a fun house ‘A Petting farm’ and ‘Victorian carousel’ and ‘maze’ to entertain the Children!!

One Love Festival was created in 1998 as UK’s 30th anniversary of one of the world’s greatest ever rock gigs, Bob Marley’s famous 1978 One Love concert. One Love Festival Is now 5 years old and The UK’s No1 Reggae and Dub camping event and has gained a loyal fan base and interest from all over the world.

Festival Producer, Dan Wiltshire, commented: We are very excited about finding a true green field festival site back in the South East of England near where we first put the event on. Throughout the last 5yrs we had some amazing One Love Festival Highlights and they keep on getting better and better. The festival means such a lot to so many people in such different ways – we know everyone leaves the event experiencing their own exceptional One Love Festival moment and memory. We have established a wonderful customer base of Fun, Loving, Happy and loyal Reggae and Dub Fans from all over Europe and beyond!!

Each year the festival grows organically both in production, vision and in Reggae Fans and this years move is to sustain this growth for future years – but still keeping to the original vibe of a intimate fun and friendly event. We have now established a platform on the Reggae and Dub artist touring circuit and when you attend One Love Festival you see familiar faces from resident artists that support us year in year out alongside guest / touring artists that you grew up listening to side by side with up and coming exciting new acts. All paying homage to our philosophy of One Love and to foundation Reggae Music. Playing Conscience Roots, Dub Music and enjoying all the sub genres of that. One Love = a unity, a bond between the brother man and women. A common purpose regardless of religion / race or creed – “PEACE and LOVE” to all of mankind. When you experience One Love it is something to be remembered forever.

One Love Festival is a melting pot; a multi-cultural, multi-ethical, free trade and environmentally-friendly event, buzzing with creativity, fun, ideas and soul. One of the most diverse and unique festivals in the UK, the One Love Festival offers something for everyone and is an experience that should not be missed. Bringing together all the facilities and allures of a large-scale event but with the personal touch of a small, independent occasion, it will be a weekend that won’t easily be forgotten.

For further information and to purchase tickets please visit

Bob Marley Birthday

Bob Marley‎”Feb 6 1945 St. Ann, Jamaica, Daddy was born. I remember us celebrating one of his birthdays in Jamaica at 56 Hope Road with him, no big superstar party, just us kids, Mommy, some cake, few laughs and that was it. Even if he wasn’t known to the world on Feb 6th I would still think of him and in my heart say Happy Birthday Daddy. Love.” – Ziggy Marley

One Love Festival

One Love Festival Ample Hot Showers and Luxury Flushing Toilets, Electricity Hook Ups for Live in Vehicles and BBQs allowed in campsite you Don’t have to be Camping anymore it Only Glamping Allowed at One Love Festival 🙂

One Love Festival

Dawn Penn – Closing the show 2011 – “no no no” 🙂 wonderful stuff xx

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We’ve hit the 10k mark on One Love Festival facebook group!!

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Its a great time for One Love in this world!: Date 11.11.11 – Time 11:11am

line up requests

Its that time of year again when we ask who you like to see perform at the next years One Love Festival – please leave you requests here – we consider them all!!

Portfolio Items


The Renegade featuring Ray Keith


Ray Keith DJ, Producer, Remixer, Record Label Head Honcho, Radio & TV Presenter and well-known counterpart in the UK and World Wide Music Industry has been on the Dance Music circuit for at least 15 years. Born in the heart of Essex, Colchester, Ray started his career in small venues around Essex, gradually building his name and venturing into bigger clubs around London. After finding his niche within the Drum and Bass music scene in the early 90s he managed to notch up two of the scenes most memorable releases of all time The Renegade Terrorist and The Chopper. Ray set up his record label Dread Recordings in 1994 and hasnt looked back. Now up to it 55th release and a decade later the label is still going strong and has lead to many collaborations with many artists such as Shades Of Rhythm, Moby and Orbital to name a few. Over the years Ray has also kept his ear to the ground by working in Londons most famous record shop, Black Market, making him a good all rounder in the Music business. Previously he has worked on Kiss FM and Radio Ones, 1 in the Jungle radio show but has finally come back to his roots by securing a weekly spot on South East popular radio station Vibe105-108fm and his viewer base is continually expanding. Rays musical taste are from Soul, Funk, Hip Hop and even Classical, these styles have always influenced his dextrous style of production. Making him one versatile individual. ..


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Talisman were one of the UK’s top Roots Reggae bands in the later 70’s and early 80’s.The band’s prowess earned them support slots with acts as diverse as Burning Spear, The Clash and The Rolling Stones. They have reformed with the original line up after 30 years apart to support the re-release of their classic roots single ‘Dole Age’ on a brand new album ‘Dole Age – The 1981 Reggae Collection’. One of Bristol’s finest live acts are back and ready to party once again. Originally formed in 1977 Talisman were consummate performers constantly vying for the title of one of the country’s most popular live reggae bands. They toured the UK building up a loyal following and leaving memories of gigs that are still discussed to this day.

[youtube_sc url=””]


Until now the only way to hear Talisman has been to track down their two difficult to find singles from 1981, or their two later LPs, “Takin’ The Strain” from 1984 and “Jam Rock” From 1990. Now after nearly thirty years Bristol Archive Records have lovingly compiled this CD of the band at their peak in 1981. Not only does the CD contain the band’s two original 7” singles, but also eight carefully selected live cuts from classic shows at Glastonbury Festival and other infamous shows.

Hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed ‘The Bristol Reggae Explosion 1978- 1983’ Bristol Archive Records release ‘Dole Age – The 1981 Reggae Collection’ celebrated at their first Bristol show for 20 years at The Fleece in Bristol on 27th May 2011.
March 2012 sees the band re-release their first album “Takin’ the Strain”, originally release in 1984, as a CD (Deluxe Edition) and Digital Download. The nine tracks showcase variety and even include a soul tune, the Deluxe Edition also includes five live bonus tracks.
“Vivacious and packed with infectious island melodies, the album is perfect for connoisseurs of real roots music.” – Tom Williams, Big Cheese Magazine
“For someone not into reggae, if there was ever a band that would convert me, Talisman would be that band!” – Mr. T, Lights Out Zine
“It’s the seven live tracks that impress the most, an audio document of a band at the peak of their prowess.” – Martin Headon, Red Hot Velvet

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[youtube_sc url=””]

Kenni Wenna

Rediscovered after 15 years, Kenni Wenna’s tale behind his new album Real Lite is truly one of triumph over adversity.

[youtube_sc url=””]


Kenni has a varied musical style that is reflected in his poetic song writing style
complemented by. Kenni Wenna was born in Antigua. Hugely influenced by his mother’s piano and organ playing in church has had a profound effect on Kenni as a youngster growing up in London. “ The motivation these voices would carry could make strong men weep. The melodic tones and the power they carried to the emotional side of life is what I portray in my songs.” Remembering the days when he used to pick cotton and break stones (to make roads) with his grandmother in a seaside village in Antigua in a sun so hot that tar on the ground would run liquid. The beginning those days of hard labour shaped his mind on what music and collective singing was all about. “

“They were songs of the future because if they didn’t sing, there would be no future.”
As a busker in the mid-90’s, Kenni was spotted by an independent Manchester record label that was quick to offer him the chance to record a demo. His intelligent blend of diverse musical elements, as well as his soulful vocals, drew the label to him. Unfortunately, the label hit financial problems soon after and Kenni was thrust back into his normal life. Some 15 years later, as fate would have it, the previous label owners found Kenni’s demo in their garage and were encouraged to get in touch with him. Finding an address for the songwriter, the people immediately sent a letter. Kenni, who by this time was unemployed, had hit upon hard times and was facing imminent eviction. With the bailiffs on his case, Kenni was only returning to his house on the odd occasion but luckily managed to pick up the letter. Fast forward to now and Kenni has secured a record deal worth £250k, which is being released through inspired label, The Wenna Project.

The resulting record, Real Lite, is an incredible achievement. Upon listening to the album,
Kenni’s varied influences, which include the likes of Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, James Brown and Bob Dylan, all show through at certain points. Tracks such as ‘Lose Your Illusions’ and lead single ‘Real Lite’ highlight Kenni’s soulful side, with his heartfelt vocals and emotive chord sequences. Elsewhere, Wenna’s upbeat side is emphasised, particularly in the songs ‘Underground’ and ‘Tek No Prizna’. With reggae providing the basis for the album, Wenna seamlessly introduces other elements from country and blues to pop, providing the album with further depth with conscious lyrics through his unique storytelling. Together with its almost mythical back-story, Real Lite is a must listen for all music fans.

The album links for online stores: –

iTunes l –

Spotify –

Lord Gelly’s Sound System

Lord Gelly’s Sound System  feat – MG Lord Gellys, H-Bom Lord Gellys, DJ Glamour, Andrew Fresh


Back in 1953, an eleven year old boy used to look up to his father who was a musician teaching people how to play musical instruments. At that time back in Jamaica, Fitzgerald Gelly started following a sound called King Lattibuddier and he eventually joined it.

In 1961, Fitzgerald came to England and started doing a blues spot alongside his friend Mr Mullins. This progressed to playing at weddings and other blues parties. However, his love for music fuelled him to start his own sound system called Lord Gellys.








The sound members come from various backgrounds and places including Jamaica, Grenada, New York and London, there is a common bond that binds the sound together – their love of music.


Classifying themselves as a juggling sound, Gellys are quick to point out that they would clash if called for and in the words of Farda Fitzgerald Gelly, “if it come to the case of clashing, we can defend weself”‘. Since the sound’s inception, it has been steadily gaining popularity and is now a recognised in the UK and Worldwide as a legendary sound. A weekend can scarcely pass without Lord Gellys playing at a venue or featuring at an event. Walk into any record store and at least fifty percent of the flyers therein will herald the name of this sound.

Their main selectors include Andrew Fresh Kid, Mikey G, Glamour G, Jazzy, H and OJ. Some are Bashment, R n B, Rare Groove or Revival specialists and others are all rounders, but all of them are world class entertainers and will have people ‘brukin out on the dancefloor’.
Lord Gellys has played in many countries around the world and
Farda Gelly is very vocal in what he thinks about the direction dancehall music is going in at present. He feels that ‘when people take the lyrics and put them into actions, that’s wrong’. The negative aspects should be eradicated because ‘music brings people together in a wider understanding’.

As for the future, Farda Gelly wants to go ‘up the ladder until the four corners of the earth can say I’ve heard of Lord Gellys’. Their message to their fans is to keep Love in your hearts, keep on supporting Lord Gellys and enjoy your life to the max.







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Formed in Perpignan, November 2010.  A group of 9 musicians , all fans of 1960’s Jamaican Ska (Ska Jazz) decided to create a unique group  based upon the roots laid by the founders of ska, most notably the Skatelites. Unique because not only do the Skamanians regularly light up the stages  of festivals but they also play as a marching band (fanfare).

Since their formation the group have met with constant success, their first season saw them immediately asked to play at Reggae Geel – the oldest reggae festival in Europe where 30000 Reggae and Ska fans meet each year, along with many other impressive dates including Ida Y Vuelta (festival).

Their second season (2012) sees a return to Geel and a stage appearance at Ida Y Vuelta (where they will be playing a set of original compositions), Jazz a Vienne, Jazzebre (Perpignan), Les Jeudis de Perpignan and many more  impressive dates for such a young group.

Their first CD “One for the Founders” was released in February 2012 – available online for download or purchase.

CD Reviews
From Bay Music

The band were recently described by Fatty Lol from Moon Ska as the “nearest he has heard to the true heart, soul and spirit of The Skatalites”
“One For the Founders” catches the band almost effortlessly recapturing some of the best all time classics in the studio, but with a modern twist while still keeping the authentic feel.

“Sunny Side Up” sweet Old school Ska from Southern France (Perpignan to be precise) packaged in a self released colorful digipak based on the Carlos Malcolm “Ska Mania” classic album.
If you love The Skatalites, The Slackers or Intensified this is a must…

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.From Rocking Steady E-Zine (Germany and USA)
A brilliant jazzy start with John Coltranes “Blue Trane” introduces the sound of the Skamanians. The CD’s title “One for the Founders” is self explanatory, this disk is a homage to the founders of Ska music and it is Ska Jazz from here on in with tunes from McCook, Don Drummond, Lester Sterling, as well as other legends of this magnitude.

Anyone who thinks we could do without another version of “I’m in the mood for Ska” will quickly think again once the have heard this version. There are other moments of outstanding musicianship that jump out of the recording too. The guitar solo on Marcus Junior,  fabulous trombone and sax solos in “Latin Goes Ska” and especially nice the chidrens chorus in “A Message to you Rudi”.
“So why not buy the same tunes by the Skatalites?” I hear you say. Or perhaps better the current release of “Western Standard Time”? The answer is simple. This record is extremely charming, and thus earns equal rights in the ranks even if it is not up there in the production values of the big labels.

A Sunny greeting from Perpignan, the  capital of the Pyrénées-Orientales (south of France) and now the new capital of Jamaican Ska Jazz

SKAMANIANS @ Reggae Geel
(All over the festival site – all day Saturday)
Last year the French group the Skamanians were warmly welcomed by the public at Reggae Geel. So we have invited them back again this year.
The Skamanians come to us in their “marching ska band” formation. On Saturday they roam the site creating mini happenings wherever they pass. You may be on route to the festival or relaxing in the “One Love Café” or even in your tent, the Skamanians could appear at any moment with their mobile ska party. With their traditional ska rhythms, warm and joyful, they massage your ears and bring a breath of fresh air all day long.
So expect the unexpected, like magicians they will make you smile and dance wherever you lay be
Skamanians! Forward! March! 

(translated from the Reggae Geel official web site)
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You remember Ska, the father of Jamaican Reggae created in the 1960’s by Islan Records? Then Two Tone in the late 70’s 
early 80’s with for example Madness and the Specials?
History is repeating it’s self with the Skamanians who bring their own touches to traditional ska with ever growing success.
I had the pleasure of seeing them at Coullioure (Aug 2011) and they are superb! Do not miss the opportunity to see them!

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Congo Natty

Some people make a living from music but Rebel MC has dedicated a whole lifetime to his craft.
Featuring:  Congo Natty ft Rebel MC With Congo Dubz, Nanci & Phoebe, Prince Joseph & Junior Congo, Kya Fyah, Junior Baptist, Marfa + Very Special Guest MC
The Londoner first announced himself to the world as part of 80s hip hop/dance act Double Trouble alongside friends Karl ‘Tuff Enuff’ Brown, Leigh Guest and Michael Menson. That catapulted the name Rebel MC into homes up and down the country thanks to the releases of ‘Just Keep Rockin’ in 1989, which pe
aked in the UK top 20, before really hit the big time with ‘Street Tuff’, which reached number three in the charts.
Numerous appearances on national television followed, leading to the release of his first album project ‘Rebel Music’ in 1990. But while the ‘pop-rap’ style of the time reflected Rebel’s first foray into music, it was far from representative of what he wanted to achieve and the collaboration with Double Trouble was short-lived.Instead, Rebel used his new-found success to allow him to concentrate his energies on music that was more representative of his background and influences. 1991 saw the release of his second album ‘Black Meaning Good’, which saw the fusion of the British underground hardcore techno sound of the early 90s with dub basslines to spectacular effect. The precursor to a style of music that eventually became known as Jungle, Rebel successfully integrated legendary reggae artists such as Dennis Brown, Tenor Fly and Barrington Levy into modern dance music, simultaneously introducing them to a whole new audience.
Tracks such as ‘The Wickedest Sound’ and ‘Tribal Bass’ gave notice of a completely new style of music production and led to the formation of his Tribal Bass label the following year. Drawing heavily on the experiences of the black youth growing up in urban Britain, Rebel sought to embrace a wide range of influences to create his unique sound that had a distinctly London edge to it.


By 1993, Rebel had two labels dedicated to the new craft, X-Project and Tribal Bass. Utilising the ‘Conquering Lion’ moniker in recognition of his increasingly Rastafarian views, Rebel produced ‘Lion of Judah/Innah Sound’ in 1993. But it was the foundation of his Congo Natty Recordings label that cemented Rebel’s place in the annals of Jungle music history. 1994’s ‘Code Red’ became one of the anthems of the year and firmly announced the arrival of the Jungle movement to the entire country.

Over the next seven years, the name Congo Natty became a standard bearer for the original authentic Jungle movement and spawned numerous hits including the classics ‘Police in Helicopter’ and ‘Champion DJ’, released under the alias Blackstar.

While the remixes kept coming throughout the late 90s and early 2000s, Rebel’s interest in the history of Ras Tafari took him away from releasing music and deeper into his faith. Having spent almost a decade in the business, he decided to take a step back and embark on a spiritual journey to discover his roots. Ras Mikail Tafari in recognition of continuing devotion to the teachings of Ras Tafari.

With this came the realisation that material aspects of the music business are not what should be dictating the terms, rather the creativity and talent of those who make it happen.

A trip to his spiritual homeland of Ethiopia in 2007 changed Rebel’s life forever. He returned re-invigorated and determined to make an impact on the world he had left behind. Now, Rebel is back; determined to champion the cause of the UK’s emerging talent through his Congo Natty and other labels, and the launch of a new music production company, called Trinity.

Watch the Jungle Lion roar in this time, and make sure you keep up to date on the latest manifestations of the Junglist movement.

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[youtube_sc url=””]

Sir David Rodigan MBE

We at all One Love Festival are delighted to welcome back our Good Friend Sir David Rodigan MBE to 2013 proceedings:

[youtube_sc url=””]


For over 30 years David Rodigan has been the top dog in the ganja-scented, bass heavy-atmosphere of Britain’s reggae dance-halls. The key to his success has been an unsinkable passion for reggae music, which first took a hold of him as a schoolboy when he heard ska music in the early ’60s.

He developed an obsession with the music of Jamaica that generated an encyclopaedic knowledge of the island’s every artist, every song and every rhythm track.

His earliest experience of dee jaying was during lunch breaks once a week in the gym at Gosford Hill School in Kidlington, Oxford. On leaving school he landed a place at the Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama in 1971, where he spent three years studying to become an actor. He worked extensively in repertory theatre and appeared in a number of television productions such as ‘Doctor Who’ (BBC) and ‘Shackleton’ (BBC); he also performed his one-man show ‘Zima Junction’ at literature festivals and theatres in the 1970s; a dramatisation of the poem by the Russian writer Yevtushenko.

Rodigan began his reggae broadcasting career in 1978 on BBC Radio London. He moved to Capital Radio in 1979 and remained there for eleven years broadcasting his legendary ‘Roots Rockers’ show every Saturday night. His credibility was ensured when he began clashing with Jamaica’s champion DJ, Barry G on JBC Radio in Jamaica. He then went on to clash with all the top Jamaican sound systems in the West Indies, the USA and England and in 2012 he won the ultimate clash victory when he took the Champion Trophy at World Clash Reset in New York.

In 1984 he joined BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Corp) where broadcast his weekly reggae show for 25 years until 2009.

In 1990 he joined the newly legalised Kiss 100 where he presented a variety of daytime shows for 10 years.

In 2005 he was inducted into the Sony Radio Academy Hall Of Fame and has also won three highly coveted Sony Radio Academy Gold Awards; The Music Broadcaster Of The Year. (Kiss 100 – 2004), The Specialist Music Broadcaster Of The Year (Kiss 100 – 2009), The Specialist Music Broadcaster Of The Year (BBC Radio 2 – 2012), and in 2012 he was awarded the MBE for “services to broadcasting” at Buckingham Palace.

He plays his unique collection of customised dub plates and classic recordings extensively across Europe, especially in Italy and Germany, and in North America and the West Indies, to loyal reggae fans worldwide.

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[youtube_sc url=””]


Ijahman Levi

[youtube_sc url=”[youtube_sc url=””]”]

IJAHMAN LEVI is by far one of the very best, original, authentic conscious roots reggae singer/writers of the last decades, and still producing at a steady rate pearls of reggae songs, musically as well as lyrically.

To say that Ijahman Levi is a deeply spiritual man would be an understatement. This is a man who lives his life in the Scriptures. For Ijahman, life is a constant fulfillment of prophesy.

[youtube_sc url=””]

Born in Christiana, Manchester, Jamaica as Trevor Sutherland in 1946 (under the sign of Gemini). He grew up in Trenchtown. The young Sutherland had all the same dreams and aspirations of any ghetto youth in Trenchtown in the 1960s.


His first album, Haile I Hymn, was released on Island Records in 1978. He became Ijahman Levi after a religious conversion to the Rastafari movement in prison where he was between 1972 and 1974. It and the three following records preached Rastafari movement as well as Twelve Tribes of Israel doctrine.

he scored a No.1 UK hit in 1985 with his wife Madge Sutherland singing ‘I Do’ as ‘Ijahman and Madge’.

At the age of 13 Ijahman auditioned for Chris Blackwell. Who told him One day I will sing but I must go home and practice.

While Blackwell and Ijahman would not always see eye to eye in later years, that experience propelled the young singer to continue his quest when he joined his parents in England. Before he left he made one 45 for Duke Reid at the age of 16 — a song name ‘Red Eyes People.’ The only time I’ve heard that song is when it was played back in the studio.

In England he got a group together called the Vibrations. It was during the time when the Beatles had ‘I Love You, Yea, Yea, Yea’, so it was an irie time. “My idol was Otis Redding. Anything Otis Redding sing, I sing, (and) at the time I look like him cause I was a baldhead at the time. He was my idol. I love Otis Redding, even now.”

The young Trevor Sutherland sang for several years with his partner Ian who eventually left for America. Ijahman recalls the transition being very difficult after his partner left. “I was still inexperienced, still learning. When you sing with somebody for so many years and then all a sudden you got to be a one-some, it’s not easy.”

Ijahman would be a solo artist from the late 60s onward. He recalls that it was impossible to perform strictly Jamaican music, as audiences responded better to American soul. With his inherent love for Otis Redding and Motown, he obliged by covering tunes by Redding, Sam and Dave, and of course, Wilson Pickett’s “Midnight Hour.”

The most formative experience in Ijahman’s life was his time in prison in England which encompassed most of 1972 through 1974. He talks about the circumstances regrettably but with the reconciliation of time. He says the incident involved his first wife and some other people. He was charged with resisting arrest and two differnt counts of bodily harm.

“When I went in, that was as Mr. Sutherland. When I went in prison, that’s where I put my name together as Ijahman, not Levi, just Ijahman. I start reading my Bible. Trying to get (into) myself towards my God, finding myself. You know, Tribulation. I realize I’m a Levi cause of the month I am born. When I came out my family left me. I had to start over.” The experience is the subject of his most recent album Two Double Six 701. The title comes from his prison number.

Ijahman returned to Jamaica after leaving prison to “recharge my energy (and) my spirit.” All the time, he kept reading a chapter a day of spiritual nourishment from the Bible and came to learn “who is a Levi and what is a Levi. Then I went back to England and did my first song ‘Jah Heavy Load,’ and that’s where my whole life changed and started over again as Ijahman Levi.” “Jah Heavy Load” was definitely the breakthrough song — the beginning that every successful artist has.


Dreams, as Ijahman states several times “are when your spirit walks outside the body.” This is crucial to Ijahman’s perspectives. “One night I went to my bed and I had a vision and it was Psalms 21. And I wake up in the morning. It was a Monday morning 1975 in January. And it was the 21st of January. And I receive a letter from a gentleman name Mr. Harris from DIP label.”

Considering this to be a sign, Ijahman pursued the lead, and recorded “Jah Heavy Load” as a single which was eventually released on the Concrete Jungle label. He recalls the session which produced the legendary song was a long and difficult one. He had resisted recording “Jah Heavy Load,” but eventually decided to do it. “Once I released that ‘Jah Heavy Load’ from my system. Its pure melody start flowing out of my body.”

Circumstance was on Ijahman’s side being in England at the time Chris Blackwell was having enormous success promoting Bob Marley and The Wailers. Blackwell heard the “Jah Heavy Load” single, and once again called on Ijahman, not remembering him from twelve years before.

“I came one day in the office sitting down, and I was playing my guitar. In England now they started calling me ‘ten strings.’ So I’ve got my style. The Bible said ‘play the instrument of ten strings.'” (Ijahman’s ten string is a 12-string with the first small E-string and first small A-string removed).

Blackwell was impressed, and he agreed to pay for production of an album in Jamaica. There, the sessions resulted in Hail I Hymn. “I laid down the four tracks to be a single and the four tracks end up being an LP. Rastafari. Hail I Hymn.”

After overwhelming critical acclaim for the effort on Hail I Hymn and its follow-up, Are We A Warrior (a Karl Pitterson mix), Ijahman and Island would run into rough waters. “It get very political, very deep,” he recalls. The breakup resulted in a strange set of legal battles out of which Ijahman emerged with his publishing rights largely in tact.

When questioned about the incredibly unlikely and essentially unique circumstances of his retention of rights after leaving Island, Ijahman breaks into a fierce laughter — something he does with unmistakable charm. “I think Mr. Blackwell’s words fall back on himself. I learn to lose things, seen. I lost my wife I lost my children. When Mr. Blackwell meet me, him meet me as an artist just becoming an artist, but a very bittered person. And no money in the world make me let go of what I have cause this is what I have. I have this one thing which is my talent, and I determine to hold on. It may look foolish at the time but I just hold on. Marcus Garvey told us in prophesy, ‘Always mind what you sign.’ Mind what you sign. I’m always very careful when it come to signatures.”
Contractually, Island didn’t ever get Ijahman’s publishing rights, but still sends him a bill every year for 74-thousand pounds for various expenses. Ijahman considers the notion ridiculous. “I’ve got 18 albums. Sooner or later, one day, Island will have to pay what they owe me.”

Ijahman takes an interesting attitude regarding Chris Blackwell and his dealings. While personally experienced with Blackwell’s capitalistic tendencies, Ijahman is quick to acknowledge his role in creating Bob Marley. “He (Blackwell) has done a hell of a lot where reggae is concerned. Respect to Bob Marley and his talent, but it’s half a dozen of one and six of the other. Bob Marley and his talent; Chris Blackwell and his money, and it work.”

After leaving Island, Ijahman struck out on the course of independence that would make his career so unique. Once again living prophesy, he claims he was bound to finish his first independent album, Tell It To The Children, by 1982. “I read prophesy and prophesy say, ‘Anything you’re doing, if you don’t complete it in three and a half years, give up.'”

And so it was that the Jahmani label was hesitantly launched. In the next twelve years, hesitation was not a problem as the label would account for a staggering fifteen albums, giving Ijahman a total of 18 completed works in 18 years — an accomplishment unparalleled in reggae. “I’ve been working like mad,” he states.

During that time, reggae has seen drastic changes. Through it all, Ijahman has remained focused on Jah. “I’ve been around to see all the changes. I always just maintain this Ijahman. So it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. It’s just a cycle. I’m just glad that when the cycle meet back again, I was glad to be here.”

Ijahman has worked with virtually every great session musician in Jamaica as well as his own band. His albums have featured Chinna, Sly & Robbie, Lloyd Parks, Bobby Ellis, Wire, Errol Nelson, Stephen Wright, Dwight Pickney, Chris Meredith, and the list goes on.

“I and Jah work with all musicians that I choose to work with. I have to say, ‘I choose,’ because it is my production, and they work with me. Even though some of them is bigger than me in the world of music. I work with Sly and Robbie because they are damn good, but I couldn’t work with Sly and Robbie all the time (because) my vibe couldn’t change. Every one of my albums is a different album, because it’s a different vibe at the time. And you can only express what is coming out of you.”

Ijahman has also had considerable musical success teaming with his current wife Madge. The duo released Ijahman and Madge in 1985 to massive reception in Europe. The single “I Do” was Ijahman’s most successful since the time of “Jah Heavy Load.”

Europe, in fact, has always been the mainstay of Ijahman’s success. For many Jamaican artists, success in Jamaica or Europe does not necessarily constitute success in the U.S., and 1995 will mark the first time that Ijahman has ever performed in the U.S., when he tours here this summer. With another prophetic justification, he explains the timing of his U.S. arrival, “If the mountain won’t come to you, you might as well go to the mountain. So it’s the right time to come to America.”

With success running his own label, one might expect Ijahman to produce other artists, but he has no such intentions, preferring to continue on his own. “I am building my catalog. I am working on Ijahman. I’m not interested in recording nobody else. It look selfish, it look one-mannish. But I just feel it to be that way. I’m just here with the time doing what I want to do. It’s about pleasing Jah and pleasing the lickle people.

“I always see myself as a loner . . . I can’t help it. I’m just doing my own thing. I’ve reached a stage where if I care what people think, then I don’t know what I want to do. I do believe with the ability I have that I do know when I am writing a good song from when I’m not writing a good song. I also know that it cannot please everybody at the same time. It can please some of the people some of the time. I just continue with what I am doing.

“I know that word is power. Anything you sow is what you reap. I am in the spirit of Moses, cause Moses was a Levi. I know the forty days and forty nights will be over one day and I will haffa come back out with my rod.”

Ultimately an artist at heart, Ijahman says the truth remains in his music. To know Ijahman is to know his art. “If you listen to the music it really may help you more, becau the same man will talk to you.

“I-man no change, I-man cyan change.”
1978 – Haile I Hymn (Chapter 1)
1979 – Are we a Warrior
1978 – Haile I Hymn (Chapter 2)
1982 – Tell it to the Children
1984 – Lilly of my Valley
1985 – Africa
1986 – I Do (avec Madge)
1987 – Forward Rastaman
1987 – Culture Country
1988 – Ijahman and Friends
1988 – Over Europe Live
1989 – Inside Out
1991 – On Track
1991 – Love Smiles
1992 – Kingfari
1993 – Entitlement
1993 – Gemini Man
1994 – Two Double Six
1994 – Black Royalties
1995 – Home Free by Madge
1995 – Live in Paris 1994
1995 – Ijahman Sings Bob Marley
1996 – Ijahman & Bob Marley in Dub
1997 – Live at Reggae on the River
1997 – Beauty and the Lion
1997 – Lion Dub Beauty
1998 – Crocodile Man
1998 – Monkey Man
2000 – Arkart
2001 – The Roots of Love
2006 – Versatile Life
2007 – I Am A Levi

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General Levy

The mighty General Levy gained worldwide fame for his 1994 jungle hit ‘Incredible’, although by then he’d already received several accolades such as Best British Reggae Single, Best British Reggae Album, and Best British Reggae MC.

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Born Paul Levy, 1971, Park Royal, London, England. As ragga music finally made it into the mainstream in 1993 with Chaka Demus And Pliers, Shaggy, Shabba Ranks and others storming the UK national charts, it was left to just one home-grown DJ to fly the flag for British ragga music. A north London youth, Levy began his career DJing as General Levy, working his way through Vigilante, Java and Robbo Ranx’s Tipatone sound systems. His first release was for Robbo’s Muzik Street label in 1988, and “New Cockatoo” proved to be something quite different, as Levy’s freshness, youth and enthusiasm hiccuped out of every groove.

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His next move was to south London where Fashion Records’ resident engineer, Gussie P, released his debut album, on which he shared the honours with Jamaican superstar DJ Capleton. Entitled Double Trouble the format (already tried and trusted) highlighted both Levy’s and Capleton’s different styles and approaches, spanning Jamaican and UK traditions. His popularity was boosted by numerous “specials” for sound systems and he finally came to the public’s attention in a big way with “Original Length & Strength” on Fashion Records. His next trio of releases for Fashion, “Heat”, “Breeze” and “The Wig” established him as the British DJ. His lyrics ranged from serious culture to risqu‚ “slackness”, with barely a pause for breath. His live shows had to be experienced to be believed, as he exploded all over the stage, arms and legs flailing to the accompaniment of non-stop, infectious, raucous rhyming. His branching out with Justice Records for some hip-hop-based recordings further broadened his appeal, and the late 1992 long-playing release for Fashion of The Wickeder General was an immediate runaway success. His burgeoning talent and personality was soon spotted by the majors (especially with all the frantic interest in ragga in the spring of 1993), and ffrr Records clinched the big contract. They retitled, repackaged and re-promoted The Wickeder General as Wickedness Increase and the strength of the added tracks ensured healthy sales – even to the reggae market where his fans had already purchased the original pressing.

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From the Garance Reggae Festival to the Summer Jam and also the Reggae Sun Ska to the Realbeat Reggae Festival, all have been conquered by the extraordinary live talent of the performer. His studio collaborations are not less impressive : Capleton and Sly & Robbie and Desmond Dekker.
1992 – The Wickeder General (Fashion Records)
1993 – Wickedness Increase (London Records/ Warner)
1994 – Incredible (Renk Records)
1999 – New Breed (Arts Records)
2002 – Ali G Indahouse – Da Soundtrack -Incredible (Universal Island Records)
2008 – Spirit & Faith (Boombam Muzik)
2011 – We Progressive (X RAY PRODUCTION)

Releases :
1990 – The Israelites (Maxi) (Hot Records)
1990 – World Of Girls / Hold On (12″) (Fashion Records)
1991 – Africa (12″) (Gussie P Records)
1991 – Original Length & Strength / Glad She Resign (12″) (Fashion Records)
1991 – Pump It Up (12″) (Fashion Records)
1991 – The Right Thing / Original Length & Strength (12″) (Fashion Records)
1992 – Breeze (12″) (Fashion Records)
1992 – Dem No Wicked Like We / Badness (12″) (Justice)
1992 – Heat (Fashion Records)
1992 – Sceeming / Dem No Wicked Like We (Justice)
1992 – The Wig (12″) (Fashion Records)
1993 – Champagne Body (12″) (Montana Records)
1993 – Tru Yu Body Good / Poison (12″) (Fashion Records)
1994 – Goodas Girl / Ism Scism (12″) (Fashion Records)
1994 – Incredible (New Remixes) (12″) (Renk Records)
1994 – Scheming (Maxi) (Downbeat Records)
1994 – The New Style (12″) (Outcaste Records)
1994 – Touch Me (In The Morning) (12″) (True Gritt Records)
1994 – Weh Dem A Watch We For (12″) (Fashion Records)
1994 – Wikkeda!! (Maxi) (Jungle Fashion Records)
1995 – “Girls Dem” (12″) (Glama Records)
1995 – General Levy Come Again / Gripper (7″) (Fashion Records)
1995 – Mad Dem (12″, S/Sided, W/Lbl, Ltd, Dub)
1995 – Unique (Maxi) (Renk Records)
1995 – Wikked – A !!! (Maxi) (Concrete Jungle)
1999 – Beat Killer (12″) (Stallion Y2K)
2000 – Night Rider (12″, W/Lbl, Sti) (NVQ Recordings)
2000 – Rasta Jack / Nector (7″) (Ajang)
2002 – Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya / That’s The Way (12″) (Kritical Recordings)
2005 – Sugarcane (Eclectic Breaks)
2007 – LDN Rights / Mad LDN (7″) (The Heatwave)
2008 – Braaa!!! (Request The Text) (File, MP3, Single) (Southern Cuba Records)
2008 – See A Man Face (7″) (Heartical)
2010 – Jah Jah Bless / Burning Babylon (7″) (SouLove Records)

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