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Mighty oaks from little acorns grow – Thank You so Much Everyone … This is our sixth year now passed and our sixth year being incident free… The peacefulness and respect that you our community bring to the show is something everyone should be so very proud of and is special and unique to One Love, a pleasure to watch and makes all the hard work, stress and worries worth it…. Thank you to all our Artists New and Old that support the cause, A big up goes out to all the Work Crew who behind the scenes work tirelessly to ensure this show is carried out to the highest professional standards.. Please leave feedback and upload your photos and videos – One Love Peace, one world

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  1. lukas guitarist cosmic fevah band.
    lukas guitarist cosmic fevah band. says:

    i was there ijahman levi was wicked the whole day i was buzzing on the wonderfull sound of roots rock dub bursting from all corners of the site,to all the people involve in stageing this event don’t stop.jah bless.

  2. Tara
    Tara says:

    One Love…you blow me away every single year, and each time it’s better and better…I do ONe Love on ,my own every year, but the love and gentleness of teh crowd makes me feel I am amongst bredrin and kindred folk. But while the crowd are gentle and respectful, they’re still livin’ it large and tearin’ the a**e out of it all weekend! I met so many first time junglists this year who never went to a rave to hear the rollerz before, and never threw any shapes in tehir lives, and are now converts! Why? Decent sound systems, no attitude from dem yout’, just love for the music and each other…
    Big Love to ONe Love!
    ..and how great to have Zoo lOos this year! Felt fresh and clean all weekend whilst gettin’ down and dirty to the bass lines..! BIG love to you all..thanks so much for makin’ it the best festival in the UK (in my opinion!)…
    When are tickets up on sale for next year?? =) Fanx and fanx a billion times over for a happy, safe, perfect weekend. <3

  3. deb dub jaffe
    deb dub jaffe says:

    From the Jaffe and Yeshua clan and the resident host Rich…THE FESTIVAL WAS WICKED! Brilliant performances, superb vibes – and my birthday on 18/8 was celebrated with true “One Love” Irie from them all…


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